Mohamed Salah finally breaks his silence over Gaza.. Do people like his speech?

After 11 days from the deadly war against Gaza, and following the pressure of Arab fans to speak up, Egyptian footballer who plays for Liverpool and the Egypt national team, Mohamed Salah, 31, has finally broken his silence and posted the first thing to support Gaza on his official social media accounts.

What did Mohamed Salah say in his video?

The footballer who earned the title “Pride of Arabs” from his Arab fans has shared a 51 second video as a step to show his solidarity for the Palestinians who are being killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes.

Looking sober in a close up shot, Mohamed Salah began his speech by saying:

“It’s not always easy to speak in times like these. There has been too much violence and too much heartbreaking brutality. The escalation in recent weeks is unbearable to witness. All lives are sacred and must be protected. The massacres need to stop. Families are being torn apart.”

Then, he moved on and asked for humanitarian aid to be allowed to Gaza.

“What is clear now is that humanitarian aid to Gaza must be allowed immediately. The people there are in terrible conditions. The scenes at the hospital last night were horrifying. The people of Gaza need food, water and medical supplies urgently.”

And finally, Salah urged world leaders to end the war and protect all the citizens.

“I’m calling on the world leaders to come together to prevent further slaughter of all innocent souls. Humanity must prevail.”

Social media reactions to Mohamed Salah’s video

Some people on social media weren’t satisfied with Mo Salah’s speech.

One follower said: “The text of the statement is distinctly political, as if it was issued by an internationalist sycophant or Arab..
No soul…no feeling…no sincerity…but he saved you (O Salah) from falling, and this is the goal of the statement!
Your manager is “very smart” and deserves his salary and more. He saved you (Mo Salah) from falling, in the eyes of millions of your non-politicized football fans (most of whom) who will see in the statement a “great” position of yours.”

Another follower wrote:

“1. Shame he didn’t post anything following the massacres on the 7th October.
2. Shame he references the attack last night as if it were an Israeli strike (it wasn’t).
3. Shame he didn’t bother to ask for the return of the hostages.”

Meanwhile, a group of people thanked Mohamed Salah for speaking up and showed him some gratitude.

One tweep wrote: “Thank You For Standing with Palestine People’s And Speaking against brutality of Israel.”

And another one wrote: “Thank you, Salah, thank you, legend. This stance is better than nothing.
With all courage, in a full clip, not just a message or a picture. Thank you, Salah, and we will never forget it. You are a legend.
May God admit you to heaven.”

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