Mohamed Henedi’s health deteriorate after heart attack!

 Egyptian comedian and actor Mohamed Henedi has been on the trend in Egypt and many Middle Eastern countries after allegedly suffering a heart attack.

Many posted online that Mohamed Henedi suffered a heart attack claiming that his health is at risk and started to circulate the rumor online.

It all began when Mohamed Henedi’s doctor posted a picture of the Egyptian actor in surgical clothes.

Mohamed Henedi’s health deteriorates after a heart attack!

However, amid the rumor that has been going online, the Egyptian artist came out to deny it.

He rejected all the claims that he had suffered a heart attack after he topped the search engines online after the doctor treating him published a picture of him in surgical clothes inside the hospital.

Henedi said in a video he posted on his official Facebook page: “I wanted to reassure you that I am fine and in my home, and this is old news, but I apologize that the doctor published the picture now, but this picture was the first of Ramadan, and the operation was a simple catheterization just to be reassured.” But I am fine, thank God.”

He further stressed that he was surprised when he found his name the most searched for on the X platform, without doing anything, but he thanked his fans for their concern for him.

Dr Alaa Yasser, who treated the Egyptian star, revealed the details of the artist’s health condition in a post on Facebook. He pointed out that he is now fine and in good health, reassuring the public of his condition.

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