Dounia Batma out! Moroccans refuse star’s help

Moroccan singer and actress Dounia Batma was shocked and embarrassed after she was kicked out of one of the neighborhoods in Marrakesh.

The singer went to an area hit by the 6.8-magnitude earthquake which killed over 2,900 people on Friday night, but she was met with angry faces and was asked to leave by citizens there.

Despite the fact that Dounia Batma was going to send aid to earthquake-affected victims in the capital Marrakesh, she was kicked out of the region and residents said that they don’t need her help.

A video was shared online showing Moroccans asking the singer and actress to leave saying that they didn’t want her aid while her facial expressions were showing a huge shock as she didn’t expect to be requested to leave.

A clip was captured of Dounia Batma as she was shocked by the embarrassing reaction she was subjected to in the Marrakesh neighborhood, where she was quickly taken out of it and headed to her car away from the place.

Moroccan star Dounia Batma. (Instagram)

According to media outlets, the Moroccan star wanted to give the aid by herself to the victims of the devastating earthquake but she never expected this reaction from the residents there.

When the earthquake struck Morocco, Dounia Batma was the first to ask her fans to send help and support through her social media accounts. She wrote: “As Moroccan citizens, we are all ready to contribute blood and money for the sake of our families affected by the Al Haouz earthquake.”

Dounia Batma also changed her profile photo to black in condolences to the victims of the earthquake.

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