Seda Fettahoğlu found dead in a park! Has she committed suicide?

The Entertainment industry in Turkey is hit with another devastating incident when Turkish actress Seda Fettahoğlu was found dead in a park last night in Beyoğlu, only a few days after Turkish actress Merve Kayaalp committed suicide.

Police teams started an investigation on the incident and found a licensed gun and an empty cartridge next to Fettahoğlu. It was determined that Fettahoğlu had antidepressant drugs in her bag.

Seda Fettahoğlu, Sihirli Annem

How Seda Fettahoğlu’s body was discovered?

A young university student was taking a walk in a park in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. At first, he said that he heard gunshots and then saw a woman lying on the ground and informed the police.

Acting upon the notice, police teams encountered a body of a person in the 10 December Martyrs Park in Beyoğlu Ömer Avni District.

Upon examination, it was understood that the body belongs to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theater actress Seda Fettahoğlu.

Seda Fettahoğlu intihar mı etti?

Has Seda Fettahoğlu committed suicide?

A gun with a registered license and 7 cartridges were found next to Fetathoğlu, who is alleged to have committed suicide.

Additionally, upon examination by the teams, it was seen that there were many antidepressants in her bag.

Statement given by the student who found Seda Fettahoğlu’s body

FA, the university student who found Seda Fettahoğlu’s body, said in his statement to the police, “I heard a gunshot while I was walking. When I turned towards the direction of the sound, I saw a woman lying on her back who had been shot in the head, and I informed the police.”

While Seda Fettahoğlu ‘s body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute after the police examination, it was stated that the investigation into the incident was continuing and there were no security cameras in the park.

The City Theaters makes a statement on the incident

In a statement made by the City Theaters on the subject; “We are deeply saddened by the loss of the valuable actress of our theatre, our dear Seda Fettahoğlu. Our pain is great. Our condolences to our City Theater family, loved ones, friends and relatives.”

Heartbreaking detail

On the other hand, Seda Fettahoğlu published the following photo with the note #lovelifeloveyourbody only 4 days ago.

Seda Fettahoğlu, ölümünden sadece 4 gün önce #sevişhayatvücudunusev notuyla aşağıdaki fotoğrafı yayınladı.

Painful coincidence

Only two days ago, it was the birthday of Seda Fettahoğlu, who was born on September 26, 1979. The death of Fettahoğlu, who turned 44, shocked the art world.

Who is Seda Fettahoğlu?

Seda Fettahoğlu was born in Trabzon in 1979. She graduated from Trabzon Anatolian High School in 1997, and graduated from Bilkent University Theater Department in 2022.

Seda Fettahoğlu speaks English, and also did voice-over work in addition to theater. Throughout her career, Fettahoğlu took part in many plays at Istanbul City Theatres.

The character “Sultan”, played by Seda Fettahoğlu in the series, appeared before the audience as Haluk and Meltem’s in-laws and Havuç’s mother-in-law. The successful name was recently included in the cast of Çocuk Duymasın.

Series which Seda Fettahoğlu took part in

Çocuklar Duymasın
Yalan Dünya
Çatı Katı
Sular Durulmuyor
Sihirli Annem

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