Mohamed Ramadan refuses to delay concerts despite Gaza war

Mohamed Ramadan, an Egyptian singer has been under fire by fans and Pro-Palestinian activists after he refused to delay concerts amid the Gaza war.

Mohamed Ramadan took to his Instagram account, where he has over 28 million followers, and shared a clip of his concert along with an apology to Palestinians.

He posted: “My Palestinian brothers, I would have liked to postpone all my projects had it not been for my commitment to non-Arab companies, and I am not bound to them except by work contracts that must be adhered to.”

Mohamed Ramadan added: “Love is in the heart and sadness is in the heart, and no one outbids the other. We are all Arabs, and we all hope from God for the freedom of Palestine, O God, Amen.”

Fans criticized the Egyptian singer after his latest concert in a hotel as part of the African Exhibition (IATF) activities in light of what the Palestinian people are being exposed to in Gaza.

At least 11,500 people were announced killed in the Israeli aggressive attacks on the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7

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