Kanye West and North West team up for ‘Talking/Once Again’ music video

Kanye West has surprised his fans with a new music video for his song ‘Talking / Once Again’, featuring his 10-year-old daughter North West.

The song is a collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign and is part of their upcoming joint album ‘Vultures’, which will be released in three volumes starting from Feb. 9th.

The music video, directed by D’Innocenzo Brothers and shot by Matteo Cocco, shows Kanye and North rapping and dancing in various locations, such as a desert, a forest, a city, and a spaceship.

North showcases her creativity and confidence as she delivers her own verse, which she also storyboarded herself. “I love it here / We’re gonna take over another year / It’s your bestie Miss, Miss Westie. Don’t try to test me / It’s gonna get messy / Just, just bless me, bless me / It’s your bestie Miss, Miss Westie,” she raps.

The video has received positive reactions from fans and critics, who praised North’s talent and Kanye’s father-daughter bond. Some also speculated that the video is a hint at Kanye’s possible presidential run in 2024, as he announced last year. Kanye has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but he did reveal that he is planning a tour for 2024, which will feature Ty Dolla Sign and other guests.

‘Talking / Once Again’ is the first single from ‘Vultures’, which Kanye described as “a sonic journey through the dark and the light”. The album will consist of 21 songs, divided into three volumes: ‘Vultures I: The Beginning’, ‘Vultures II: The Middle’, and ‘Vultures III: The End’. Each volume will have seven songs and will be released on Feb. 9th, March 8th, and April 5th, respectively.

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