Ahmed Al-Awadi and Yasmine Abdel Aziz: navigating divorce with grace and hope for reunion

Artist Ahmed Al-Awadi congratulated his ex-wife Yasmine Abdel Aziz on the occasion of her new commercial that she submitted for the Egyptian telecoms company “Vodafone,” 

which included the participation of well-known singer Abdel Basset Hamouda, in their first public exchange following the abrupt divorce crisis.

“Congratulations, Sesame,” Ahmae Al-Awadi said on the video of the advertising that Yasmine posted on her official Facebook page. Sesame replied, “May God bless you, Awadiko.”

Recently, the divorce between Yasmine and Ahmed Al-Awadi and the prospect of their reunion have piqued a lot of public interest. Yasmine sobbed during her meeting with journalist Isaad Younis, who spearheaded the trend, and asserted that Al-Awadi’s treachery toward her did not cause the separation, further complicating the matter.

“All gratitude to Yasmine, the kindest and most beautiful thing I have met in my life, and my days with her will remain the most beautiful days I have ever lived,” Ahmed Al-Awadi stated in a press statement he released to settle the situation. I had already said that she was my lone love, and that our deep love had permeated all of our sisters, who accepted it.

“Our words and confession of our love even after separation mean that divorce does not mean the end of love, but rather the end of the share, but our return is a very, very, very special matter between us,” Al-Awadhi said.

“Houses are cemeteries,” he said. “Only the people who live there are aware of what’s within. Before you, we conveyed to one another that everyone of us harbors all the affection and even admiration for the other. He concluded his address by saying, “But if our Lord wanted us to return, He would fulfill His will in that, and if it was impossible to return, then it would also be His will.”

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