Aslı Enver Becomes a Mother! Here’s the Newborn’s Sex and Name

Turkish actress Aslı Enver, 39, and her Turkish husband businessman Berkin Gökbudak, 40, have welcomed their first child last night.

Actress Aslı Enver, who surprisingly married Berkin Gökbudak on November 12 last year, announced that she would soon become a mother.

After the wedding, it was revealed that Enver was two months pregnant; It was learned that the actress had to quit a show due to her pregnancy.

Aslı EnveThe famous actress has become a mother for the first time last night when she welcomed a baby girl and named her Elay.

It has been learned that Aslı Enver and her baby are in good health.

Counting the days to become a mother, Aslı Enver has recently reflected to her pregnancy. Enver said, “Everything is fine. The process is going very well.”

Aslı Enver, the daughter of a Cypriot father and a Turkish mother has was born in London in 1984. At the age of 12 she moved to Turkey with her family.

Turkish actress Aslı Enver, 39, and her husband Turkish businessman Berkin Gökbudak, 40

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