Arab celebrities react to Al-Aqsa Flood operation by Hamas

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), has launched a massive military operation against Israel on Saturday morning, which included launching thousands of rockets, infiltrating and storming settlements, and capturing Israelis.

Israeli sources reported that more than 22 Israelis were killed and 500 wounded since the start of the Hamas attack.

Following the attack, several Arab celebrities took to social media to support Hamas’s operation against the Israeli occupation, and here are their reactions.

Arab celebrities reactions to Hamas operation

Moatasem Alnahar

Syrian actor Moatasem Alnahar has posted a story on his official Instagram account, followed by 4.4 million of his fans, as soon as the operation broke out this morning.

He wrote in Arabic: “هتموت من الرعب من الارض نطلع زي الجن، بخ”, translated to: “You will die of terror, we emerge from the ground like a ghost, boo.”

Israelis death toll Hamas operations

Diana Karazon

Jordanian songstress Diana Karazon lent her support to Palestine with a prayer she left on her official Instagram and X accounts.

She posted a picture of Al-Aqsa mosque and wrote in Arabic: “اللهم اجعل لأهل فلسطين النصرة والعزة والغلبة والقوة والهيبة”, translated to: “Oh God, grant the people of Palestine victory, glory, strength and prestige.”

Karim Abdel Aziz

Meanwhile, Egyptian actor Karim Abdel Aziz called Palestinians “heros” when he sent his prayers via X platform.

He wrote in Arabic: “ربنا يحفظ أهلنا فى فلسطين .. ربنا معاكم يا أبطال”, translated to: “May God protect our people in Palestine. May God be with you, heroes.”

Mustafa Alkhani

Syrian actor Mustafa Alkhani has been active on social media since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Flood operation in the morning, and shared two posts with his 958k followers on Instagram.

He wrote on both of them: “صباح شمس الكرامة التي تشرق علينا اليوم من فلسطين في ذكرى حرب تشرين #طوفان_الأقصى #فلسطين #سوريا مانكست الأعلام إلا لترتفع”, translated to: “Morning sun of dignity that shines upon us today from Palestine on the anniversary of the October War #Al-Aqsa Flood #Palestine #Syria The flags were lowered only to be raised.”

Sulaf Fawakherji

Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji has shared a picture of an old man carrying both Palestinian and Syrian flags and wrote: “صباح فلسطين”, translated to: “Morning of Palestine”.

Nadine Tahseeine bek

Syrian actress Nadine Tahseeine bek shared a verse from Surah At-Tawbah from The Holy Quran, and wrote in the caption: “أيها الفلسطينيون يا أيها الشعب العظيم حماكم الله ونصركم ..قلوبنا معكم .. نفتخر ونعتز بكم”, translated to: “O Palestinians, O great people, may God protect you and grant you victory. Our hearts are with you. We are proud of you.”

Israeli military radio said that Palestinian fighters have “infiltrated” Israel from Gaza and seized military bases as photos and videos went viral online showing Hamas fighters on vehicles inside Israel and others paragliding into Israeli territory.” />

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