Cristiano Ronaldo reveals why he will never buy his mom a house

Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo explained why he will never buy his mother a house, and why she still lives with him. 

Cristiano Ronaldo told a journalist that his mother, Maria Dolores Aveiro still lives with him, he said: “My mother raised me and she dedicated her life to me. She would go to sleep hungry, just to let me eat, we had no money at all.”

“She worked 7 days a week and nights as a maid to buy my first shoes so I could be a player.”

Ronaldo added: “My whole success is dedicated to her. And as long as she lives, she will always have everything I can give her. She is my sanctuary and my greatest gift.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

The athlete grew up in a small tin-roofed home by the ocean, Ronaldo’s mother, Maria was a cook and a cleaner but struggled to make ends meet due to her husband’s alcoholism, and her children often helped with extra income to survive.

It is worth mentioning that due to financial struggles, Maria wanted to abort her last-born child, Ronaldo but doctors declined to do the abortion. Maria wanted to terminate the pregnancy on her own by drinking warm beer and running frantically.

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