Oprah or clone? social media users demand answers!

After arriving at the 81st Golden Globes, US producer and actress Oprah Winfrey took the internet by storm with users on X (formerly known as Twitter) asking if the person who showed up at the ceremony was her. 

Winfrey was seen wearing a glittery purple dress with a stunning pattern on it but something was off according to several social media users as the American TV Host looked like she had lost quite a bit of weight resulting in many questions about a possible doppelganger impersonating her at the ceremony.

Oprah or clone? social media users demand answers!

Here’s what some users had to say:

“When did Oprah get a gap in her teeth? 🧐”

“We’re on Oprah number 6 or 7 by now.”

“That’s not her. Oprah is very alpha. This person is demure and sweet in her body movement.”

The replies came from a post by a user called “Isaac’s Army” who defines themselves as “Exposing all things Cabal, Corruption, and Satanic. Join Isaac’s Army to recognize and expose The Occult.”

About Oprah: a brief on her life and achievements


Oprah Gail Winfrey is known best for being the TV talk show host for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” which ran for a whopping 25 years from 1986 to 2011. Her tremendous success in the media industry allowed her to become the richest African American of the 20th century and was once the only black billionaire.

After her talk show finished, She concentrated on launching the “OWN” which is her network, providing content on many platforms such as channels, YouTube, and more.

Additionally, Winfrey starred in series and became a producer with shows such as  The Color Purple Musical Film and Nikole Hannah-Jones’ 1619 Project under her belt.

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