Meet Barış Arduç and Gupse Özay daughter Jan Asya

 It is vacation time for The Arduç family!

Turkish couple Barış Arduç and Gupse Özay have taken some time off to cool off the summer heat and traveled to Çeşme with 11 month daughter, Jan Asya.

The famous couple are known for their attention to privacy when it comes to raising their daughter away from the public eye. They also do not share her pictures on social media.

According to Calendar Newspaper, The Arduç family was photographed by reporter Ercan Akgün, and their pictures were heavily circulated all over social media.

Barış was seen showing off his muscular physique while sporting dark trunks. While his wife Gupse wore a colorful swimsuit and hot shorts.

The family of three looked happy playing and enjoying the sun and sea, especially their daughter Jan Asya was laughing in the cutest way ever.

Among the comments written on social media was some users betting on “who does Jan Asya resembles, her father Barış Arduç? Or her mother Gupse Özay?”

Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç have met on the set of Deliha movie and fell in love since then.

The Turkish actors have crowned their 6-year relationship with marriage in 2020.

Arduç and Özay experienced the excitement of being parents for the first time when they welcomed their first daughter, Jan Asya, in September last year.

Barış Arduç'un kızı babasına mı yoksa annesi Gupse Özay'a mı benziyor?Barış Arduç çıplakBarış Arduç and Gupse Özay daughter Jan Asya

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