Fatima Al-Momen: has she been released from prison after 11 October 2023 hearing?

On Wednesday, Kuwaiti Misdemeanor Court has refused to release Kuwaiti fashionista Fatima Al-Momen, accused in the case of traffic accident causing manslaughter after jumping a red light and killing two people.

On September 27, the court refused to release Fatima and decided to continue her detention, and postponed the case until yesterday, Wednesday, October 11.

However, the court decided again that the final ruling in the case would be issued on October 25.

According to Almajlliss channel, the Kuwaiti fashionista’s lawyer attended the session and requested her release on bail, but the court rejected his request.

Mishari Saad Al-Taweel, the lawyer of one of the injured in the accident caused by Fatima Al-Momen, posted on the X platform: “Today we attended the fashionista’s session, which was scheduled for pleading, and she was detained for sentencing on 25/10/2023, while her imprisonment continues.”

Fatima Al-Momen case details

The case dates back to the dawn of Thursday, the 24th of August, when a traffic accident occurred at the intersection of Al-Soor Street and King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Road in Kuwait, which resulted in the death of two people and the injury of two others.

News quickly spread that the person responsible for the accident was a famous fashionista.

Days later, Kuwaiti authorities announced the name behind the accident, who was Fatima Al-Momen, and detained her to investigate the case.

Fatima Al-Momen was accused with 10 charges, namely: manslaughter, accidental injury, driving a vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, exceeding the posted speed limit, and jumping a red light.

The charges also included: driving a vehicle recklessly, driving a vehicle with invalid insurance, driving a vehicle without holding a vehicle license, causing damage to the property of others, causing damage to public property.

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