Ahmed Helmy mourns the loss of brother Khaled Helmy: The cause of death

 This morning, artist Ahmed Helmy’s brother, Khaled Helmy, passed away. According to his brother Ahmed Helmy’s most recent post to him on social media, in which he referred to him as both a brother and a friend, he and his brother shared a close and unique bond.

“My big brother, Khaled Helmy, looks very similar to each other in glasses.” Ahmed Helmy said this in response to a previous photo of his deceased brother that the latter had put online. Having an elder brother is the nicest thing ever. Oh my gosh, he’ll be a brother and a buddy all at once. Wow, he really encouraged me to get a job instead. Ha ha! Excuse me… Even the largest one is enormous. Khalouda, my darling.

The cause of death of Khaled Helmy, brother of Ahmed Helmy? According to many local Egyptian newspapers, Khaled Helmy suffers from heart disease, and recently underwent open-heart surgery. In the last days, he felt some fatigue, but his condition was stable, and when the fatigue increased and his condition developed, he suffered a heart attack, as a result of which he died at dawn on Friday, December 8, before he reached the hospital.

For everyone who knew and loved Khaled Helmy, his death is a devastating loss. Khaled was a much-loved figure in his community because of his kind nature and welcoming attitude. Those fortunate enough to have known him will treasure his memory and mourn his loss with heavy hearts.

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