“It is not worth it”! Bader Khalaf announces repentance (video)

Emirati crossdresser and journalist Bader Khalaf has surprised fans when he announced his repentance and retirement from the “wrong things” that he’s been doing in the latest years.

Bader Khalaf appeared in a video he posted on X social media platform (formerly known as Twitter), and he had gotten rid of all manifestations of femininity except for his hair.

My father is Saudi and my mother is Emirati

For the first time in a while, Khalaf said in a manly voice: “Hello, this is Bader Khalaf bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Harbi from a Saudi father and an Emirati mother,”

He continued, declaring his repentance: “I would like to apologize to all people for the wrong things I did over the past two years… I was not thinking right… I just wanted people to see me… but it was not worth it.”

The Emirati journalist added: “One must think correctly, and think about his afterlife… He must think about how to prepare for Heaven and Hell… So I decided, meaning, that I repent and stop the things I was doing, the dresses, and all these things.”

Bader apologies again

Regarding his feminine body after repentance, Bader said: “Even my chest, for now the operation is underway… so I will remove my chest, and modify many things that were present… I want your support and assistance in the change that has occurred.”

He concluded: “I hope you stand by me and I hope no one criticizes me. It does not matter what I have been, what matters is what I will become… I am very sorry for everything that happened.”

Prior to the repentance video

Bader Khalef hasn’t suddenly decided to repent in a video. Before he shared his decision, he started to imply regretting what he’s been lately doing.

Only three days ago, he posted a picture of himself dressed as a man and wrote: “I’m full of masculinity.”

Then he tweeted: “From today, I declare my manhood and regret what I did before.”

And following his decision, he thanked his followers for their support.

“Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. Oh God, it will be a new beginning in my life.”

Bader Khalaf has always sparked widespread controversy with his appearances, his resemblance to women, speaking as if he was a female, dancing like them, calling his followers in the feminine form, and giving advice on highlighting the buttocks and chest, and igniting the husband’s desire.

Khalaf was a media professional. He began his career by working as a broadcaster on Dubai Channel, until he left the channel and moved to blogging on various social networking sites.

Bader introduces himself as a beauty blogger, and always urges girls to take care of their skin, use cosmetics, and take care of their body and hair.

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