Abeer Issa debuts BIZARRE haircut (pictures)

Jordanian actress has taken part in the opening ceremony of the 21st edition of Zarqa Summer Arab Theater Festival last night.

The Abu Awwad Lane star has caught the attention by debuting a striking and bold hairstyle that was contrary to her character and artistic status.

The new hairdo even pushed the audience to question whether she’s suffering from a specific illness, or if she’s getting ready to play a new role that needed that look.

abeer issa bizarre hairdo

Abeer Issa makes a statement regarding her haircut

The Jordanian artist explained in a statement to Al-Ghad newspaper that she does not suffer from any illness or health problem that prompted her to shave her hair in a strange way.

abeer issa bizarre hairdo

She added: “I did this out of change and boldness, and thank God I do not suffer from any disease, as I heard from people’s opinions.”

Issa stressed that the haircut has nothing to do with a new role she plays in any current or future project.

abir issa bizarre hairdo

About Zarqa Summer Arab Theater Festival

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, the Minister of Culture, Haifa Al-Najjar, has opened the activities of the Zarqa Summer Arab Theater Festival in its 21st edition, which continues until September 20, at the Poet Habib Al-Zeyoudi Theater at the King Abdullah II Cultural Center, in the presence of Assistant Governor of Zarqa Dr. Saud Al-Harbi, the Chairman of the Governorate Council, Dr. Majid Al-Khudari, and the Head of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, Muhammad Yousef Al-Abadi.

Plays participating in the festival are: “Time Interval” from Jordan, “The Lost” from Algeria, “The Last Soldier” from Libya, “The Gate” from Iraq, “Men in the Sun” from Palestine, and “We Drink If” from Saudi Arabia, and “The Abusers” from Tunisia, while the play “Al-Mahtawan” from Jordan will be shown outside the competition.

Zarqa Summer Arab Theater Festival

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