Nadine Rassi reveals she got beaten on the day of her brother George Al-Rassi’s burrial

 Nadine Rassi allegedly says she was beaten the day her brother, George Al-Rassi was buried. 

In detail, Al-Jaras magazine shared an alleged voice note made by Lebanese actress Nadine Rassi to journalist Nidal Al Ahmadieh, in the voice recording Rassi allegedly reveals she was beaten on the day George Al-Rassi was buried.

Nadine Rassi

In the voice recording the claimed voice of Nadine Rassi can be heard saying: “I need help from every person and a prayer from everyone…someone punched me after I was beaten at church.”

The video gained the attention of many with fans showing support to the actress saying that they are by her side no matter what, and assured her that she will always receive a lot of love.

No other details were shared, and Nadine Rassi herself has yet to comment on the news and the leaking of the voice recording.

It is yet unclear who was the person who abused Nadine, and it is also unclear if the voice recording is official or if it was fabricated.

This comes after Nadine revealed that her parents were assaulted by her siblings, Sebastian, Sandirne, and a third person, adding that they received death threats.

Rassi said: “These are my parents, and I’d sacrifice my blood and soul for them.” But Sandrine Al Rassi denied the rumors and announced she will take legal action after her sister, Nadine claimed that she and her brother assaulted their parents.

Sandrine will allegedly file a lawsuit against Nadine for defaming her name and that she and her brother were accused of doing things that they had no knowledge of.

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