Saudi YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad dies

Saudi Youtuber Aziz Al-Ahmad died in his hospital bed in his native Saudi Arabia on Thursday. He was 27. 

Nicknamed “al-Qazm,” Arabic for dwarf,  Al-Ahmad’s death saddened his fans, who splashed his page with condolence messages.

Born in Riyadh in 1995, the Saudi Youtuber suffered from growth problems, due to a genetic disease and a hormonal disorder.

Footage from the hospital was widely shared on social media showing Al-Ahmad laying down in a hospital bed, barely moving when a woman asked him to send a message to his fans.

He replied: “I want to tell them that I love them so much.” Then she asked him if he was feeling better and he said “yes, I do.”

The Saudi Youtuber created comic videos with hundreds of thousands of followers on his platform. His videos are viewed by millions.

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