Neslihan Atagul’s cinematic comeback in a historical series sparks rumors

It was virtually inevitable that Neslihan Atagul would star in a new series based on a historical figure, and in December 2024, she will make her cinematic comeback.

According to many Turkish sources, Neslihan has already signed a preliminary deal with the Turkish Al-Qamar production firm for the series in which she would play the part of a Russian lady.

In 1918, when the series opens, Neslihan is participating in her first experiment as an agent for a new kind of study. People knew her for her dramatic and romantic roles, which contrasted sharply with action roles; consequently, the work featured action moments she had never experienced before.

The creators of “The Sultan’s Harem,” “My Wonderful Life,” and “Ramo,” Yilmaz Sahin and Pinar Bekbult, whose work is still in the works, are behind the series, he said.

According to new allegations published in Turkish media today, Neslihan Atagül cut her mother out of her life after she allegedly pushed her to divorce Kadir Doğulu over the recent photos and videos of him with women from a Turkish entertainment establishment.

In a statement that was quoted by a Turkish journalist named Onur Akay, Neslihan’s mother stated that she wanted to take her daughter with her, according to news shared by the Turkish Takvim. The journalist did not go into further details about the incident, but she did say that a divorce from Kadir is currently not an option.

“If there is anyone closer to me than my mother and father, it is my husband Kadir,” Neslihan declared when speaking at a university in Baku a few days ago; now, her comment is making the rounds in Turkish tabloids again.

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