Ahmed Saad looks ‘happy’ after divorce

Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad has shared his first photo on Instagram and fans are saying that he is much happier after his divorce. 

The singer, 42, posted a picture on his Instagram account with American basketball star LeBron James from Saudi Arabia.

He added a caption: “A picture with the greatest basketball player in the history of the game. American: LeBron James. We see great people in Saudi Arabia.”

The photo of Ahmed Saad and LeBron James gained super interaction with over 26,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Ahmed SaadSome of the Egyptian singer’s fans claimed that he looked happy after he got divorced from his wife Alia Bassiouni after two years of marriage. The model explained that Saad’s lifestyle was the reason behind their separation.

Alia Bassiouni announced the news of divorce on her Instagram story saying that she and Saad split a few days after she gave birth.

Furthermore, Nader Hamdy, an Egyptian musician and music producer commented shockingly saying that he wants to meet the basketball player as well. he said: “Where did you meet him?”

Various comments emerged on his photo with the basketball player, a person said: “I stopped listening to your music after your second divorce.”

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