Mia Khalifa: Our tax dollars go to fund apartheid state of Israel (video)

Since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Flood operation launched by Hamas on October 7, 2023, former Lebanese porn star, Mia Khalifa, has been very much vocal on social media defending Palestinians and attacking her own country, USA, for supporting what she called “apartheid state of Israel”.

Mia Khalifa’s video goes viral

The former porn star posted a series of Stories on Instagram criticizing the support that the United States is providing to Israel.

Khalifa said: “The United States just came out in full support to Israel, SHOCKER! They basically fund the idea. We send about 70 million dollars of military aid to them every year, for what?”

Then Mia angrily added: “That’s our tax dollars going over there to fund an apartheid state.”

She continued: “Don’t you ever argue with me against the fact that the United States supports apartheid.”

Mia Khalifa gives a history lesson about Israel

“In fact, since the creation of Israel in 1946, and I say creation because it was simply created as a result of the United Nations not knowing what to do with a bunch of refugees, so Britain and the United States created Israel in 1946. And since 1946 the United States has sent over 260 billion dollars, not million, to fund apartheid.”

Khalifa then jokingly snaps at the UK and says: “And Britain, I will deal with you later.”

Mia Khalifa explains the real situation of Palestinians

Mia Khalifa, her real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun, moves to talk about what is it like to live in Gaza Strip.

“It’s everything that Palestinians are fighting for. Every single day they wake up in an open air prison with nothing to do but fight. That’s it, that’s all they have left. So when you take away everything from someone, they only thing they have left is willpower. And sometimes you get a Nobel Peace Prize, and other times you get a bomb on your door step.”

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