Bader Khalaf wants to become a real man in 1st video after repentance

Bader Khalaf, an Emirati crossdresser and journalist, expressed his intentions to become more manly shortly after his repentance announcement. 

In the first video shared on his social media accounts, Bader Khalaf said that he is heading to the Gym to grow his muscles with the aim of becoming a real man.

He wrote: “From today I started to exercise, stay tuned for muscles and masculinity.”

In the footage, Khalaf was seen with his long hair while hitting his chest with his fist and saying: “Who’s the most masculine person in the world?”

He continues to say, while a piece of music that sounds like the Tarazan cartoon playing in the background: “It’s me.” The clip then ends when the Emirati crossdresser and journalist start to do some exercises.

Earlier this month, Bader Khalaf posted a clip on X, formerly known as Twitter, confirming his repentance and retirement from what he described as “wrong things”.

He said declaring his repentance: “I would like to apologize to all people for the wrong things I did over the past two years… I was not thinking right… I just wanted people to see me… but it was not worth it.”

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