Is there season 2 of A’la Nesbet Moshahda in Ramadan 2025?

The Ramadan 2024 series “A’la Nesbet Moshahda” has made a huge success taking over as one of the best Egyptian series in the season. 

Starring Salma Abu-Deif, Layla Ahmed Zaher, Mohamed Mahmoud and many more Egyptian stars, the Egyptian series is still making headlines in the media.

During the last period, allegations circulated that there would be a second season of the Egyptian series “A’la Nesbet Moshahda”.

According to ET Arabic, a possible season 2 of the series is set to take place in Ramadan 2025, especially after Egyptian actress Intisar said in a television interview about two weeks ago that the new part will have the same heroes as the first part.

A'la Nesbet Moshahda

However, an official decision about a second season of “A’la Nesbet Moshahda” was not made yet, according to ET Arabic.

The idea of ​​presenting the second part of the series has not been decided yet, as the matter is still in the discussions stage and no final decision has been taken yet, and the final position is scheduled to be settled in the coming days.

The plot of the Egyptian series, which is based on a true story, surrounds around Shaima, a simple girl who is obsessed with the TikTok App as she tries to become a famous content creator but she is faced with many challenges.

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