Hande Erçel angers fans with “unholy” look

Hande Erçel has been recently criticized over a recent series of pictures she shared. 

Turkish actress Hande Erçel shared a bunch of new images where she adopted a cute 80s look, but her fans were not happy about it.

Erçel’s outfit was a bit revealing and the comment section was flooded with claims that such an outfit is not appropriate especially during this season, due to the holy month of Ramadan.

Some users referred to her look as “unholy” and shared that she should cover up her skin more since it is Ramadan, and the holiest month in Islam.

The actress wore a completely backless and sleeveless jumpsuit, it was sparkly with gray color which gave the feeling of what people of the 1980s would wear.

The star wore a bandana to help her hair move away from her head, to show off her natural beauty.

This comes after Erçel was attacked by a journalist on air, who shared that the actress did not achieve anything in the past years expect jumping from one relationship to another.

Erçel was attacked on the famous Turkish show, “Second Page,” where the hosts talked about the star and her relationship with Hakan Sabancı.

The presenter of the celebrity news program criticized the Turkish artist for having multiple relationships and said: “In the past two years, what did Hande Erçel do? or what did she present?”

She added: “What did she add to her artistic career except getting in and out of romantic relationships, if she dates a ‘Sabancı’ that won’t make her an authentic woman.”

The TV host referred to Sabancı as they are a very famous and rich Turkish family.

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