From Istanbul to Damascus: ‘Love For Rent’ Transforms into ‘Love Game’

Announcing the date of the screening of “Love Game,”  the adapted version of “Love for Rent” known as Kiralık Aşk. The release date of “Love Game,” the Arabized version of the Turkish series Love for Rent, which was a huge hit in Turkey and the Arab world, has come as a pleasant surprise to fans of the phenomenon of Arabized Turkish series.

The Arabicized version of the Turkish series Love for Rent, titled “Love Game,” is scheduled to air after the current Ramadan season on April 14.

According to numerous rumors, the main characters of the series in its Arabic form are Syrian stars Moatasem Al-Nahar as Omar and Nour Ali as Dima.

Shukran Murtaja, Ayman Reda, Ayman Abdel Salam, Hassan Khalil, and other Syrian talents have announced their participation, with Murtaja playing Nariman in the Turkish version.

The series will be on the silver screen in Arabic on MBC 1 channel as well as on Shahid electronic platform.

Love for Rent (Kiralık Aşk) plot.
It tells the narrative of Defne Topal (Elçin Sangu), a young girl who becomes involved in a ‘Love Game’ because she wants money to pay off her brother Serdar’s debts. Defne lives with her grandma Türkan, sister Esra, and older brother Serdar and works as a waitress.

Love for Rent (Kiralık Aşk) cast.
Barış Arduç as Ömer İplikçi,Elçin Sangu as Defne Topal, Salih Bademci as Sinan Karabey, Sinem Öztürk as Yasemin Çamur The actors of the original series kiralık aşk garnered huge praise; it became an iconic part for the leads and received extraordinary views in and out of Turkey.

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