Solo Leveling anime receives opening song and new trailer

The official YouTube channel for Aniplex published a new trailer for the Solo Leveling anime, revealing more information about the show and the band behind the opening theme song.

The official website for the anime announced that BTS sibling idol group TOMORROW X TOGETHER and composer Hiroyuki Sawano collaborated to perform the opening song for Solo Leveling which will be called  “LEveL.”

Solo Leveling anime receives opening song and new trailer

Solo Leveling

A-1 Pictures

The trailer also confirmed that the anime will premiere its first two episodes in Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, South Korea on Dec. 10, 2023, following Los Angeles on Dec. 14, 2023.

Solo Leveling will officially hit streaming services like Crunchyroll for non-Asian viewers in the winter of January 2024.

Fun fact: Anime shows are released on a seasonal basis (every three months) and go on till the next season starts with exceptions such as Netflix.

Solo Leveling is a Korean Webtoon illustrated by the late artist Dubu and written by Chugong. It was first serialized in a digital comic and fiction platform called KakaoPage as a light novel in 2016.

The anime adaptation is in good hands since the one and only A-1 Pictures is animating it which is known for its work on Sword Art Online, Kaguya Sama, Your Lie in April, and Erased!

All the anime mentioned above were handled well by the studio in both the quality of animation production and storytelling.

The Webtoon came into existence two years after the light novel release in 2018 and finished in 2021. Its English version was published by Yen Press physically and digitally with seven volumes currently out and the eighth on the way.


It tells the story of humans who are referred to as hunters after awakening powers after “The Gate” arose ten years ago, bridging the gap between the actual world and the domain of magic and monsters.

20-year-old Sung Jin-Woo is known as the  “World’s Weakest” because of his weak powers compared to other hunters. Despite being weak and pitiful, he continues to hunt monsters in order to afford his sick mother’s medical procedures.

A surprising event happens leaving Sung in a hospital with a weird screen floating in front of him, what could this mean?

Watch the trailer below:

Visit the official website for more information here. 

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