Cyrine Abdelnour and Saif Nabeel’s dance is viral

 Iraqi artist Saif Nabil, celebrated his birthday in Beirut, in the presence of a large number of artists and media personalities, and the stars and friends enjoyed dancing at a night out. 

And among the attendees was Lebanese singer, Cyrine Abdelnour, and Lebanese artist Nader Al-Atat, and in a video that now went viral, featured Abdelnour, Al-Atat, and Saif Nabeel dancing spontaneously to the music playing.

The Lebanese star wished her friend, Nabeel a happy birthday during an interview with ET Bel Arabi, where she shared: “The first thing I want is to wish him health and success always in everything he does. As a married person and I know the value of the family, I also want him to have a family and get married.”

Saif Nabeel replied to the news of Abdelnour wanting him to get married by saying: “Inshallah when I find the one.”

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