Crystal series: Rehab and Basil commit suicide.. and Jawad takes revenge on Fay

 Crystal series, taken from the Turkish drama Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses), is coming to an end with approximately 13 episodes remaining, and the past episodes have witnessed many unexpected and shocking events.

Rehab commits suicide after revealing her truth

One of the most prominent events in the past episodes was revealing the truth about the relationship of the maid, Rehab, “Rula Hamada,” with Alia, “Pamela El-Kik.”

During a press conference, Fay decides to provide a DNA test in an attempt to reveal that Alia is Rehab’s daughter.

After Alia’s rejection of her real mother, Rehab decides to take revenge on Fay by killing her.

However, Rehab’s plan is exposed and she gets arrested. When she tries to communicate with her daughter, Alia, she rejects her, so Rehab decides to end her life by committing suicide.

Dr. Jawad takes revenge on Fay

The scene of Dr. Jawad “Mahmoud Nasr” taking revenge on Fay was a great shock to the audience due to the major transformation in his personality, as he convinces her to separate from Basil “Khaled Shabat” so that they can get back together.

After spending a night with her, Dr. Jawad shocks Fay in the morning that the previous night was a revenge for everything she did to him and that he will return to America, leaving her collapsed and in shock.

Basil commits suicide after discovering Alia’s secret

Basil has decided to end his life after he overhears the conversation between his sister Alia and his wife Fay, which reveals that the cause of his health condition was an attempt by Alia to kill him when she was a little girl.

To add to his sadness, Fay asked him to separate pushing him to commit suicide.

New developments in the next 3 months

The show moves 3 months after the suicide incidents, where Fay reveals that she is pregnant from Jawad because of the night they spent together, while viewers discover that Basil is alive, but the bullet is lodged in his head and could cause his death at any moment.

Fay decides to travel to give birth to the baby before her sister Ward, “Lin Gharrah,” discovers the secret of her pregnancy, believing that Basil is the father, so Ward goes and tells Basil before he leaves the hospital.

Although Basil knows that he is not the father, he decides to return to Fay, help her, and adopt the child, but his sister Alia refuses.

With Dr. Jawad’s return from traveling for a week and Basil’s desire to return to Fay, the upcoming events indicate that the remaining 13 episodes will hold many surprises.

According to the Turkish version, Fay returns to Basil, and Alia discovers the fact that she is not Dr. Jamal’s daughter either, meaning that she is not Basil’s sister  after all. After Basil’s death, Fay inherits all of his wealth, but she loses everyone around her.

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