Yoshihiro Togashi to resume working on Hunter x Hunter

 Hunter X Hunter Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi announced that he will be returning to work on new chapters for the manga after a long hiatus due to health issues including back pain. 

According to Screen Rant, Togashi will start working on the chapters and is expected to produce at least five more chapters after that. Hunter X Hunter has seen its fair share of hiatus in production due to Togashi’s health issues so fans got used to it, but we all agree that the manga should’ve ended a long time ago so that Studio Madhouse would continue the masterpiece anime adaptation that also ended after the excellent Chimera Ant arc.

Hunter x Hunter Yoshihiro Togashi to resume working on manga

As always, the announcement of Hunter X Hunter’s comeback came from Togashi himself after taking to his official X account (formerly known as Twitter) and showcasing the bottom-left of an unfinished manga page with Number 5 written on it in reference to chapter 405.

despite it barely showing anything, fans expressed their excitement as the post garnered more than five million views and 100,000 likes:

He joined X in May 2022 and posted a drawing of a tree which went viral and by the time of writing this article, Togashi had garnered a whopping 3 million followers. He’s also known for his fan-favorite and beloved manga Yu Yu Hakusho which received both an anime and a live-action adaptation.

Unlike Hunter X Hunter, both the Yuyu Hakusho manga and anime are finished, so you can’t go watch them and expect an ending. We highly recommend it since in our eyes, it’s one of the best Shonen anime and manga to date.

Hunter x Hunter manga returns early with long-awaited volume 37 - Polygon

The last time before this news we had an update about Hunter X Hunter was in 2023 when Togashi also announced his comeback on X and that he will be making chapters till 405.

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