Can Yaman’s debut look in ‘El Turco’ revealed as filming begins in Hungary

Captured in Hungary by Ay Yapım, the debut photo of Can Yaman, the main character in the TV show ‘El Turco’, has been released.

Can Yaman’s portrayal of Janissary Hasan Balaban in the Hungarian TV series “El Turco” has begun filming at DUVAR. During the poster shoot, they shared a photo of Yaman.

Reporter Birsen Altuntaş states that the English-language 6-part series, adapted from Orhan Yeniaras’s book “El Turco—Unknown Aspects of the 2nd Siege of Vienna,” was written by Kerem Deren. Uluç Bayraktar is the director, and Tolga Kutluay is the director of photography for the series that was produced by Ay Yapım.

The series, set to be shown before the year’s end, according to Kerem Çatay, starts in 1683, during the Ottoman Empire’s siege of Vienna, when severely wounded Janissary soldier Hasan Balaban sought sanctuary in Moena, Italy.


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