Hind Alqahtani diagnosed with breast tumor.. Watch her children reaction

Controversial Saudi social media star Hind Alqahtani has revealed that she’s been diagnosed with breast tumor.

When Hind gathered her children to share the sad news, she made sure to document the moment on Snapchat.

The Saudi star was chocking up in the video as she sat with her children trying to pull herself together.

She said that doctors have found a tumor in her breast after undergoing the x-ray (mammogram). Immediately her eldest son rushed to ask her whether it was benign or malignant, while her daughter and younger son looked worried and hysterically screamed, “You have cancer”!?

Alqahtani rushed to reassure children while repeating: “The matter is simple, do not be afraid and do not worry. I made sure that it was nothing serious because the doctor asked me to repeat the check ups after 6 months. If it was something serious, se would not have asked me to repeat them after such a lengthy period.” Hind’s little boy rushed to embrace her and cried.

Followers sympathized with the reaction of Hind Al-Qahtani’s children, who were worried about her, and their eagerness to follow up on her health condition and urged her to conduct more medical examinations to check on her health, wishing her recovery.

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