British dancer dies after eating cookie

Orla Baxendale, a 25-year-old British ballet dancer residing in New York, who succumbed to a severe peanut allergy after eating cookie purchased from a Stew Leonard’s grocery store in Connecticut. 

The shocking incident occurred when the packaging of the Vanilla Florentine Cookies failed to disclose the presence of peanuts, leading to a fatal anaphylactic shock.

Despite Orla’s meticulous approach to managing her severe peanut allergy, the absence of accurate labeling proved to be a fatal oversight.

The young dancer, known for her skills in ballet, contemporary, and Irish step dancing, tragically lost her life on January 11, despite carrying an EpiPen for emergency situations.

The attorney representing Orla’s family emphasized her diligence, stating, “Orla was very careful and hyper-vigilant about everything she ate, and always thoroughly checked the ingredients on all packaging.

In addition, she always carried an EpiPen with her and surrounded herself with people who know how to administer one.”

The Stew Leonard’s grocery shop, upon discovering the mislabeling of the product, has issued a recall for the batch of Vanilla Florentine Cookies.

The director of public relations at Stew Leonard’s, Meghan Bell, revealed that the cookies contained undeclared peanuts and eggs, posing a serious risk to individuals with allergies or sensitivities to these ingredients.

The owner of Stew Leonard’s store in Connecticut conveyed his sympathy, acknowledging the profound impact on the family: “I have four daughters, one of them is in their 20s.

I can imagine how that family feels right now, and we’re all just very, very sad about this whole thing.”

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