BTS Jhope delights fans with playful video: Excitement builds for 2024 comeback

BTS’s Jhope, also known as Hobi, recently treated fans to a surprise on social media, sharing a playful video featuring fellow member Jimin during a head-shaving moment as they bid farewell to 2023. 

The light-hearted video captures their banter, with Jhope humorously dealing with hair trimmings in his mouth.

In the accompanying post, Jhope shares a snapshot with the caption “Adios 2023” and a sweet message from Jimin on his solo album ‘FACE.’

The post reflects the camaraderie among BTS members even during their military service.

As Jhope anticipates his return, fans are eagerly awaiting his comeback in 2024, heightening excitement for new music from the talented artist.

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