Waiting list for this restaurant in Bristol spans over 4 years

The modest pub located in the UK, The Bank Tavern in central Bristol, has earned the title of the world’s most difficult restaurant to secure a table at, as per statistics gathered by business payment provider, Dojo.

Despite stiff competition globally, this little neighborhood restaurant has managed to surpass all others and claim the crown for the longest waiting list.

Reportedly, those seeking Sunday lunch reservations at The Bank Tavern face an astonishing four-year waiting period.

According to “New York Post,” the restaurant serves grilled meat dishes for lunch on Sundays, and the waiting list is specifically associated with this day due to the popularity of these dishes.

The Sunday meal at “The Bank Tavern” gained its popularity in 2019 when it was named the best in Britain by the “Observer Food Monthly Awards.”

The restaurant “Damon Baheerel” in Erleton, New York, holds the second spot worldwide for being the most challenging place to secure a reservation.

Their meal experience spans five hours with a price of $525 per person, and the waiting list extends for a year.

The daily lunch menu at the pub offers four unique burger options, featuring beef, pulled pork, chicken, and black bean alternatives.

Additionally, the menu includes a variety of main dishes such as fishcakes, pan-fried chicken, and roasted tomato pasta.

Among their smaller meal options, the bulled pig and mushroom tacos have become a favorite among patrons.

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