Did Pakistan demolish McDonald’s branch for Gaza?

A recent video circulating on social media purported to show the demolition of a McDonald’s branch in Pakistan as a demonstration of solidarity with Gaza. However, investigations have revealed that the clip is misleading and unrelated to the recent boycott campaign against the fast-food chain.

The authenticity of the video was scrutinized by the verification site, Misbar, which confirmed that the footage was old and originally documented the demolition of a McDonald’s billboard by Simpson Dirt Construction, a US-based demolition company in Kansas back in 2018.

While the misleading video clip was shared in tandem with a widespread boycott of companies perceived to support the Israeli occupation, including McDonald’s, it is important to clarify that the video does not depict the demolition of a specific branch in Pakistan.

The boycott campaign gained momentum after images and videos circulated on social media showing Israeli McDonald’s stores donating meals to hospitals, military units, and occupation soldiers.

This triggered a surge in demands for boycotting the brand. Franchisees in Egypt and Jordan released statements distancing themselves from the behavior exhibited by the Israeli branches and affirming their support for Palestine.

McDonald'sMcDonald’s Jordan stated that their stores were the first to donate to Palestinian relief efforts through the Jordanian Charitable Organization. The owner of the McDonald’s brand in Egypt expressed solidarity with affected Palestinian families by donating 20 million Egyptian pounds to support relief initiatives.

Despite these statements, the boycott campaigns in Arab countries remain steadfast, with proponents arguing that successful implementation would result in significant losses for the parent company and deter potential franchisees due to recent calls for boycotts.

The campaign has also extended to Western countries, where activists are attempting to exert pressure on politicians and Congress to end their support for the Israeli government’s actions.

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