Missing ship “Nemesis” found after 120 years

More than a century later, a remote sensing company accidentally found a lost piece of history at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of New South Wales. The wreckage of the Australian coal ship called “Nemesis” was discovered 26 kilometers from shore, lying under 160 meters of water.

Back in 1904, “Nemesis” set sail from Newcastle, carrying a load of coal destined for Melbourne. Unfortunately, a powerful storm struck the ship just after it left the port. The ship met a tragic fate, and its crew never made it to their destination. Over time, their bodies washed ashore along Cronulla Beach, south of Sydney.

The recent discovery of the ship’s wreck provided closure to a long-standing mystery. Through underwater images captured by the CSIRO, experts were able to confirm the identity of the “Nemesis”.


The ship, dating back to 1881, lies upright on the ocean floor, showing signs of damage caused by the storm that led to its demise.

One of the most notable features of “Nemesis” was the role it had in the coal trade from Newcastle to Melbourne, as well as its involvement in the Western Australia Gold Rush during the 1890s. The ship, with a 73.4-meter length and a top speed of 12 knots, had a rich history before tragically meeting its end off the coast of New South Wales.

Through this unexpected discovery, a piece of history that was lost for 120 years resurfaced, showing us what has become of “Nemesis” and where it was.

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