Video: US Student assaults Saudi student for wearing Hijab inside school

A disturbing incident has come to light as a video circulates showing an American student assaulting a Saudi Arabia student wearing a hijab within the confines of  middle School, located in a suburb of Chicago.

The footage captures the troubling moment when one student aggressively attacks a classmate, forcefully pushing her into a locker, leading to her falling to the ground. The victim, identified as being of Saudi nationality according to Fox News.

In an official statement, the Saudi Embassy USA addressed the reports circulating in the media and on social platforms, denying that any Saudi student in a Chicago school had experienced verbal or physical assault due to racial motivations.

The embassy asserted its commitment to investigating the matter, confirming ongoing communication with relevant U.S. authorities. They emphasized that, based on their inquiry, no information indicated the victim’s Saudi citizenship, and the embassy had not received any official reports about a Saudi citizen being attacked in the mentioned incident.

The embassy concluded its statement by reaffirming its dedication to ensuring the safety and security of all Saudi citizens in the United States. They pledged to continue monitoring the situation and collaborating with authorities to ascertain the facts surrounding this incident.

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