What is story of “Kuwaiti Death Ship” heading to Iraq?

A vessel dubbed a “death ship” carrying thousands of cattle caused a stir in Cape Town, with its foul smell permeating the city center. 

Port officials confirmed that the ship, which arrived from Brazil and is loaded with an estimated 19,000 cattle, will proceed with its journey to Iraq on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

Upon docking in Cape Town on Sunday, the ship emitted a nauseating odor, prompting speculation among residents about potential sewerage issues or domestic plumbing problems.

However, a local city councilor verified on Monday that the smell emanated from the vessel named “Kuwaiti death ship.”

Inspectors from the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) promptly boarded the ship upon its arrival on Sunday evening.

The NSPCA, known for its stance against the live transport of animals, labeled the ship a “Kuwaiti death ship” and attributed the odor to the deplorable conditions endured by the animals during their two and a half weeks on board, including a buildup of feces and ammonia.

Grace le Grange, a senior inspector who boarded the vessel, expressed concern about the animals’ welfare upon returning to the ocean.

While the cattle were generally not in poor physical condition in terms of weight, some had to be euthanized due to injuries sustained during transport.

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