Tragic traffic accident in Morocco leaves 9 dead

A shocking and heartbreaking event took place in the Azilal province in Morocco. News has broke of a devastating traffic accident that claimed the lives of 9 people and left 8 others injured. The incident happened on a road near the “Immentalat” roundabout in the Ait Bouli region, catching the community by surprise.

According to reports from local authorities from Morocco, the accident was set in motion by a dual-carriage car overturning and coming to rest on a slope. This sudden and unexpected occurrence unleashed a domino effect, prompting emergency services to swiftly respond and go to the scene.


The Royal Gendarmerie and Civil Protection units sprang into action, collaborating with local officials to extend urgent assistance to those affected. In a race against time, the injured victims were quickly rushed to the regional hospital in Azilal for vital medical care.

Even amid all the chaos that was taking place, authorities made sure to waste no time in launching a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding that might have caused the accident. The Royal Gendarmerie, under the watchful eye of the competent Public Prosecution, took on the task of investigating the events that played a part in this devastating loss of life. It’s still not clear yet what was the cause behind the accident was.

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