TikTok’s new weight loss hack: Rice water and lemon

A new weight loss hack named “Ricezempic” has gained traction on TikTok, with users claiming it serves as an affordable alternative to costly slimming medications and injections. 

This emerging trend involves a simple preparation method: unwashed rice is soaked in a cup of hot water, then removed, and the water is mixed with lemon juice.

TikTok enthusiasts advocate drinking this starchy concoction first thing in the morning, asserting that it can aid in losing up to 7 kilograms within a week and helps maintain a feeling of fullness for extended periods.

The trend has rapidly gained popularity, with hundreds of TikTok users sharing their experiences and some videos garnering over three million views in just a few days.

Despite the buzz, health professionals urge caution. Dr. Lauren Manaker, speaking to Pure Sugar, noted, “It is unlikely that this drink will offer the same benefits as a weight loss medication.

While it might not cause significant harm, it is improbable to result in weight loss without other dietary or lifestyle changes.”

Dr. Manaker further cautioned against using such mixtures as complete diets, emphasizing the risks associated with extreme dietary practices, which can lead to long-term overeating.

She also highlighted the lack of reliable data on the nutritional content of this drink and recommended consuming sources of resistant starch that are both nutritious and enjoyable, such as nuts, beans, bananas, and seeds.

Manaker reiterated that “no single food or drink will result in weight loss,” underscoring the importance of a balanced approach to diet and health.

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