Walking or running, which is better for losing weight?

When it comes to weight loss, many people wonder whether walking or running is more effective. Both activities have unique health benefits when it comes to losing weight and achieving weight loss goals.

There are strategies to achieve optimal results and exercises for sustainable weight loss in the long term. It is commonly believed that running burns calories more efficiently than walking.

A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that running raises the heart rate and burns calories at a faster rate than walking. Additionally, running helps build lean muscle, which boosts metabolism and aids in losing weight.

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However, walking can still be an effective weight-loss strategy if done with sufficient intensity and volume. Physical training expert Rachel McPherson explains that as long as the same amount of effort is applied, walking is just as effective as running for losing weight.

For example, walking briskly for one hour a day for a total of seven hours can burn approximately 1800 calories per week. On the other hand, running for 30 minutes at a faster pace three times a week would burn around 1710 calories per week.

Walking is a convenient option for many people, allowing for longer exercise sessions and more calories burned over time. The most effective exercise for weight loss is the one that can be consistently maintained.

It is important to prioritize physical safety and enjoyment when choosing between running and walking. Running may be more challenging for individuals with pre-existing health conditions or beginners. Walking, on the other hand, is a lower-impact exercise that is well-tolerated by a wider range of people.

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While running may provide faster weight loss results, it may not be sustainable for everyone in the long term due to the increased effort required over time. Walking is a less strenuous and easier exercise to incorporate into a weight loss routine.

Ultimately, the choice between running and walking depends on individual preferences and goals. Both forms of exercise have their advantages and can contribute to losing weight in their own way. The key is to establish a routine exercise regimen that can be maintained for long-term sustainable weight loss.

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