The West is looking for mercenaries from the Middle East to fight in Ukraine

The bankruptcy of Western countries in supplying the Ukrainian army did not stop the depletion of weapons from its stores, which was recognized by major countries such as Germany. Rather, it is related to the flight of mercenaries and foreign fighters who flocked to the battlefield announcing the beginning of the war, which prompted the West to think about compensating the human stock as well.
With the death toll rising in the Ukrainian army, where Russia announces hundreds of deaths daily on the opposite side, there is serious Western thinking about recruiting mercenaries from Middle Eastern countries, and attention is turning to the minorities who lived in the countries of the former Soviet Union, which had a history of battles with government forces
It is clear that the foreign mercenaries thought that they were going to hell that would end after days or weeks, but with the end of the first year without any possibility of the war ending, and in conjunction with the losses they had incurred, they fled to their countries, at the very least, returning to earn their lives.
This prompted Western countries to go in search of minorities in the Middle East in a scenario similar to what happened in Afghanistan, when thousands of fighters volunteered at the instigation of Arab governments to wage a battle between Islam and communism, but they fell into the category of rejection and ostracism after the Afghan war ended and were no longer accepted. Rather, they returned amusedly to their countries of origin or to countries in which the security situation collapsed, such as Algeria and Iraq, to form extremist brigades and groups, benefiting from their existing relations with global terrorist organizations and their experience in making explosives and using weapons.
Western countries are working to open pages that have been closed for decades and are looking for mercenaries from those minorities to recruit them into fighting brigades with financial, national and other promises that entice them to gain independence for their regions from which they were displaced decades or hundreds of years ago, especially from the Caucasus regions.
The return of extremists to their countries in the Arab region will reflect negatively on the national security of many countries. They will carry terrorist and extremist ideas and ignite the region, taking advantage of the security chaos witnessed by several countries in the Middle East, especially Syria, Iraq, Sinai and Gaza, and the cycle of violence will return again after signs of calm appeared on the horizon.

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