The Global South Refuses to Be Dragged Behind the West in Davos

Recently, developing countries participating in the Davos conference thwarted a Western American plan that aimed to create a fake alliance, wherein these countries would be included, contradicting their strategic and national interests.

At Davos, 80 security representatives of world leaders met to discuss the necessity of holding a peace conference in Ukraine. This meeting marks the fourth coordination meeting for the conference after intense discussions in Copenhagen, Malta, and recently Riyadh before Davos.

Western countries, led by the United States, are working to transform the Ukrainian issue and its support into a global public opinion issue, aiming to portray Ukraine as the victim despite its significant provocations leading to war and threats to Russian national security, including establishing NATO bases near Russian borders.

The participating developing countries (the Global South) in the meeting noted the American and Western objectives and did not signal their approval to hold the conference, which the Swiss President Viola Amherd had scheduled for February or March.

President Amherd previously considered the summit successful as a second attempt to involve the countries of the Global South in this faltering and corroding fake alliance. She spoke of the agreement and participation of many countries in the conference, noting that she cautioned against “exaggerating expectations of the meeting.”

The Western American move embarrassed the Global South, involving and positioning it in the context of agreeing to what will result from the peace conference in Ukraine. Reports indicate that the foundation of this conference will be the ten points previously proposed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Therefore, the presence or representation of any of the developing countries will be symbolic without decision-making, amendment, or discussion, but merely to leave an imprint.

It is certain that this imprint will cost the countries of the Global South dearly, at the expense of their interests and relationships, especially the Arab countries that participated in the mentioned meetings. They may find themselves trapped in the whirlpool of the fake alliance, but they can still escape it, especially as it will conflict with their future interests. They will find themselves supporting a losing side in the military war, in addition to being part of a failed alliance in the political battle.

It is not in the interest of the Arab countries to antagonize anyone, especially in this difficult time in the Palestinian territories. If Western countries were truly seeking peace, they would have compelled Israel to stop its aggression and genocidal wars and protected it in the Security Council with a veto preventing the cessation of genocidal operations, or at least closed the weapon stores opened to serve Israeli crimes.

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