The Turkish Series ‘Aile’ removed from premier digital platform after widespread popularity

 In a surprising turn of events, the widely-watched (Aile – The Family) series faces expulsion from the largest digital platform in the Middle East. The catalyst for this removal is purportedly a vulgar tweet linked to actor Nejat İşler, stemming from a fraudulent account. İşler, expressing his dissatisfaction, issues a stern ultimatum, threatening legal repercussions against the responsible parties with a deadline set for Monday.

The renowned actor Nejat İşler finds himself entangled in a web of fake accounts, with allegations suggesting that a profanity-laden post about the Super Cup crisis during the Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe match from a bogus Nejat İşler account led to the removal of ‘Aile’ series from the Middle East’s premier digital platform. İşler, not mincing words, warns of legal consequences for those behind the deceptive accounts, providing a brief window until Monday for corrective actions.

The uproar emerged following the crisis during the Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe Super Cup match held on Friday evening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A falsified Nejat İşler account posted offensive content related to the incident, quickly gaining attention.

Believing the account to be genuine, numerous social media users endorsed the offensive post. However, unbeknownst to them, the account was a fabrication. The offensive nature of the post angered Nejat İşler, prompting him to address the issue on his Instagram: “To all the fraudulent accounts operating in my name on social media, mimicking my voice, I implore you to shut down these accounts by the next business day. Racially charged statements not only harm me but also have repercussions for those around me. If you possess any moral compass, close the accounts. I would prefer not to resort to legal action against you.”

In addition to the verbal warning, there are unverified claims suggesting that the removal of ‘Aile’ series from the Middle East’s primary digital platform is directly linked to the offensive post. As of now, producers have not issued an official statement on this matter.

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