Syrian star Nesreen Tafesh sentenced to prison in Egypt

Syrian star Nesreen Tafesh is in a pinch as the Misdemeanor Court in Egypt upheld a ruling issued by the Court of First Instance to imprison the actress and singer amid issuing “bad checks” to a woman. 

According to Erem News, The “bad checks” in question added up to four million Egyptian Pounds. In addition, Nesreen appeared to be missing from her trial but the lawyer she appointed was present and showcased documents in defense of his client.

Syrian star Nesreen Tafesh sentenced to prison in Egypt

Nesreen Tafesh


Moreover, the court received the documents and authorized that the signatures on the papers were of Nesreen Tafesh.

Nesreen went to the Forensic Medicine Authority to submit the documents in question to counterfeit the ruling but it was all in vain as the star was ruled guilty, issued a four million Egyptian Pounds fine, and in favor of the victim, Nashwa Safaa El-Din.

What’s Nesreen’s latest work?

Her latest work was two years ago in Ramadan 2022 under the name of “Jawqa Aziza” and starred with other actors including Salloum Haddad, Ayman Reda, Heba Nour, Noura Rahal, Wael Zidan, Wafa Mossalli, Salim Sabry, and Wissam Hanna.

The 41-year-old star plays “Aziza”, a passionate Shami dancer living among her admirers but things take a detour after a strict Sheikh tries to stop her. The show can be watched on Shahid here.

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