Has Saad Ramadan undergone plastic surgery?

Has Saad Ramadan undergone plastic surgery? social media users and fans were left shocked by the latest appearance of the Lebanese singer.

A photo showing Saad Ramadan with different facial features has sparked a wide range of allegations that the star might have had secret plastic surgery.

The photo was shared by the Lebanese singer himself on his official Instagram account, where he is followed by over 2 million followers.

Saad Ramadan wrote a caption: “This is the first time I have removed a beard in 15 years or more.”

Saad Ramadan

Then he asked his fans to vote whether he looks better “With a beard??? Or without a beard?”.

Many fans said that the Lebanese star looks much better with a beard while others asked him not to remove it ever again.

On the other hand, some netizens accused the Lebanese singer of undergoing plastic surgery that forced him to remove his beard as he looked way too different from what people used to see.

A person claimed that Saad Ramadan’s latest photo was edited using the Photoshop app.

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