Influencer scandal: Dr. Food cheats on wife, Shrouq Sunshine

 Lebanese influencer Georges Dib (best known as Dr. Food) is the talk of the internet after allegedly cheating on his wife Shrouq Sunshine. 

Shrouq Sunshine who also happens to be a big influencer in the Arab world, took to social media platforms and posted a video of herself angrily exposing her husband and who he had an affair with. Shrouq added that the individual he cheated with was also an influencer named Katrexa Ayub.

Influencer scandal: Dr. Food cheats on wife, Shrouq Sunshine

The video in question was broadcast live on Shrouq’s Instagram as she screamed in anger:

“They were having a sexual affair in the car! Even when I blocked her, she tried to poke my husband here and there to get him to cheat again” as she panned the camera to Dr. Food who kept on telling her to stop the live broadcast.

Additionally, the influencer stated that she was barefoot while their 3-month-old newborn baby was in his room alone in the house. Moreover, she stated how Dr. Food was trying to apologize for allegedly cheating on her with Katrexa and was trying to call Shrouq’s family while he was following her outside their house.

Dr. Food

Here’s what Arab users across social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) had to say about the matter:

“Shorouk turned Dr. Food’s life into ruins because of his betrayal. The lesson is, the life of influencers is a lie after a lie, so do not envy them for it.”

“Shame, shame and shame. Look what’s become of us because of social media.”

“I just saw Katrexa… Now I know why he cheated.”

“Is this the woman he cheated on Shrouq with? The question is, how did someone like this give Dr. Food a face at all?”

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