The last convo between Wassouf and late son Wadieh

George Wassouf revealed the last conversation he had with his late son, Wadih Wassouf.

On his latest appearance with Ali Alalyani on his TV show Marahel, George Wassouf opened up about the last conversation he had with his son Wadih before he died.

Wassouf shared: “I woke up, and they told me Wadih was going to the hospital to see the doctor, I called him and he said, ‘baba, I will be back in half an hour, I am going for a check-up after undergoing the surgery.”

Wassouf added emotionally: “He said half an hour and he will be back home.”

“I went to the hospital, and he was unconscious, I saw that he died before they announced the time of death.”

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