Lotfy speaks on Haifa Wehbe rape

Egyptian actor Mohamed Lotfy talks about the rape scene of Haifa Wahbe in the movie, Halawet Rooh. 

Egyptian actor, Mohamed Lotfy opened up about a scene in the 2014 movie Halawet Rooh, where Lotfy’s character in the movie rapes singer Haifa Wahbe.

Speaking about the scene on the show “Heber Serri” with Asma Ibrahim, Lotfy shared that the scene caused a fuss on social media and among viewers, adding that the scene was created by producer Mohamed El Sobky, Lotfy also shared that it was only acting and nothing more.

Halawet Rooh is a 2014 Egyptian film starring singer and actress Haifa Wahbe, Bassem Samra, Mohamed Lotfy and Salah Abdullah.

The movie was written by Ali Al Jundi and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

The movie tell the story of Rouh, a beautiful young woman, who lives in a poor neighborhood and goes through many hardships in life. The situation gets more complicated when men around her lust for her beauty.

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