Joelle Mardinian to launch her own reality show! Check out its creative name

 Lebanese beauty and make up artist Joelle Mardinian will soon treat her fans and give them a closer look into her life.

Collaborating with the region’s biggest broadcasting corporate MBC Group, Joelle Mardinian will broadcast her reality show on MBC1 channel and online streaming platform.

Joelle Mardinian Reality show title

Since we live in a time when social media is polishing our pictures on every app out there using tools and filters, Joelle was so smart and picked up a name that would serve the purpose and give an honest look about her life.

For this reason, the Lebanese beauty has decided to title her reality show ‘Joelle Bala Filter’, which is translated to: ‘Joelle Without a Filter’.

joelle mardinian reality show divorcing husband kamal kaddoura

Joelle Without Filters promo

The first promo of the show was shared with MBC1 6.1 million followers on Instagram.

The trailer was captioned with: “Watch the premiere of Joelle Bala Filter show next Monday on MBC1. A reality show from Shahid’s original work.”

In the promo video, the beauty expert gives her fans and exclusive look into her life with never seen before footage directly from her house, work, and vacations.

Mardinian also gives a shoutout to her biological kids, adopted child, and her husband, Kamal Kaddoura.

In the video, Joelle says: “I’m a mother, a wife, and a businesswoman. I did the impossible to achieve success. And finally the dream has become true. I invite you all to my house and my real world.”

She added: “You think you know me well, but time has come to prove the opposite. Now you will see and for the first time Joelle without a filter.”

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